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Have I ever told you guys that my first crush was on a muppet?? No i’m Not kidding. This adorable character right here is named Skye and he’s a little native american boy. He’s from an old show that nobody seems to remember but, me called The puzzle place i’m pretty sure it was made by the same people that makes sesame street. I had the dolls and everything and Skye in particular went everywhere with me. I thought he was the sweetest most wonderful person/muppet ever and whenever he would sing my little 4 year old heart would just melt. Childhood…good times.

Oh my gosh, I totally feel this. Technically my first crush was the kid from Tales of Virtue, but this guy was a close second








i’m breathless…

I was so impressed with this

Can we just all be grateful that this didn’t happen in his 11th regeneration

Literally reblogged this earlier today, have to reblog for that last comment.

Matt Smith would’ve broken both legs.


#12 would’ve just cussed the chairs out for ‘being in his way’

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